Teamwork: Social Media

Beth Phillips moderated a great chat tonight on building social media teams. It’s one thing to try to get your staff to utilize Twitter, Instagram or other social media (Facebook, it seems, is out-of-date) but there is strategy in getting the job done right. That’s what Phillips and others brought to the #jerdchat tonight.

My biggest take on this topic to to create a team for SM, a group that isn’t already bogged down with reading drafts, making sure that everyone is meeting deadlines, finalizing cover art, spreads and everything else. Those dependable newbies who don’t yet have tons of responsibilities might be just the right people to take charge of the tweets and posts – with the right guidelines, of course.

Therein lies another subtopic. Before going too far in promoting your publication’s content, take the time to look over some guidelines of other pubs and have the staff work together to draw up a set of their own. With that kind of involvement, it’s a win-win.

Take a look at the archived chat for more detailed info and good resource links. And don’t forget to follow some new friends!

Check back soon for some promised additional information.


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